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We have ceased to take on any new clients while we work with the FCA to improve our procedures and communications, ensuring the fair treatment of our customers. We hope to overcome these issues in the near future.


Having been on the end of another Company, I was, very much, at arms length mentally.After only a few months, one debt has been paid off with a large percentile reduction. Those monies can now go towards another Creditor to repeat the process.In sincerity, if you are having problems, listen to these Guys.
I've been with SMD for over three years. During this time they've been very helpful and kind during some difficult times.I would highly recommend their service.
i was getting to really bad finacial difficulty they where very helpfull from the start guided em through the application process adn told me exactly what to put down, they where friendley all the way through they have really got me out of a sticky and depressed state.
I would reccomend this company to anyone who is in need of help, you always have the same peeson looking after your account and when you want to contact them it is so easy and if its by email i normally get a reply within half an hour.
I have been with Settle My Debt for around a year and I couldn't be happier, it was very easy to set everything up, I simply gave them my account numbers and signed a form which was all done online and through emails.emma1137
About Debt Settlement:

Debt Settlement can be used as an efficient and economical tool to settle your debts – without the added costs of expensive monthly debt management fees.

Debt Settlement is the process by which creditors accept a lump sum payment and in return offer you a discount on the total amount that is owed. This then clears or settles the debt.

An agreement from a creditor or creditors of a reduced lump sum payment that settles the outstanding debt is not available via typical debt management plans.

Similarly, there is no need to enter into an IVA (Individual Voluntary Arrangements) when you embark upon a debt settlement plan with Settle-My-Debt.

Unlike an IVA, debt settlement solutions can be flexible. Payments can increase or decrease according to your circumstances. This means that when life changes, your debt settlement plan changes with you. We all experience life’s dramas: cars breakdown, boilers need replacing – perhaps you even find yourself out of work – whatever life throws at you, rest assured that you can change what you pay into your debt settlement plan by a positive or negative amount, dependent on your financial situation.

At Settle-My-Debt our aim is to ensure that you can be debt free efficiently and economically. We only get paid when we have negotiated a successful reduction in your debt. If we can’t save you money, we don’t get paid.

How does Settle-My-Debt work?

During the Debt Settlement process, we will seek to negotiate with your creditors on your behalf. We aim to obtain a discount of 45%* on your debt, without adding costly monthly fees associated with Debt Management plans. We only get paid on the results we achieve for our clients, when we have successfully set up a negotiated plan which works for both you and your creditors. We also aim to freeze all interest and charges on your account(s) for as long as you are committed to the debt settlement process and continue with your scheduled payments.

Is Debt Settlement suitable for me?

Debt Settlement may not be suitable for everyone. At Settle-My-Debt we pride ourselves on our free debt advice – and the best way to find out if your individual financial situation could benefit from a debt settlement solution is to call one of our fully trained and friendly advisors. They will spend time with you and make sure that they fully detail and discuss all of the debt solution options that are available to you, dependent on your personal and financial circumstances.

We ensure that all of our staff members are as committed to our client’s best interests as we are – which is why we can offer an excellent service. Settle-My-Debt aims to ensure that the debt solution we provide is the best fit for your needs.

When you embark on any debt solution, including debt settlement, it is important to know that your credit rating will be affected. Our advisors will ensure that you are fully aware of all of the information relating to credit scoring and credit files when you call us to talk through your personal situation.



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*54% does not include the initial administration fee for setting up your plan which is equivalent to 50% of your monthly payment for 6 months or £300, whichever is greater. We charge £5.50 per month for costs associated with Royal Mail and bank charges in making monthly payments to your creditors. Token payments to creditors and the account maintenance fee of £75.00 per year. The term 'average customer' refers to the median rate of our success figures. Or: the 'average' saving amount that our clients can save on each debt settled. The 54% per cent used throughout our website refers to the percent saving that our clients have made on their overall total debt, depending on individual circumstances. These are guidelines only. Our average clients who commit to their payment schedule, can be debt free in 48 months* however, this does not include any non-declared debts at the time of setting up a debt settlement plan or other debt solution. In addition, outcomes cannot be guaranteed as individual circumstances vary. However, we offer a full refund on fees if we do not make a settlement that saves you money after 18 months. Please note the benefits and features are only applicable, if you maintain the agreed benefits of your contract. ‘Short Settled or Partial Settlement’ may remain on credit reference agency files for up to 6 years until related reports are deleted and may affect your ability to obtain credit. Debt Settlement is not suitable in all cases. If other debt solutions may be better suited to your personal circumstances our advisors will always do give advice in your best interests.

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