Become debt-free for less

Last year, our average customer became debt free for 54% of what they owed*.

We have ceased to take on any new clients while we work with the FCA to improve our procedures and communications, ensuring the fair treatment of our customers.

We hope to overcome these issues in the near future.

We've helped over 1,000 people settle their debt

Reduce monthly payments

By committing to your debt settlement plan we are able to negotiate a reduction in debt settlement of circa 54%*

Stop demands from lenders

Our range of debt solutions could mean that you become debt free both efficiently and economically

Freeze interest payments

Settle-My-Debt always negotiate with the creditor and aim to have all interest and charges frozen on the account(s) of our clients.

Don't take our word for it, hear from some of our customers in our video testimonials.

Advice you can trust

Our trained Debt Councillors are on hand to provide you with free and independent debt advice and information on debt solutions.


We are a member of the Debt Resolution Forum, an organisation that promotes professional standards for resolving debtors' financial problems, focussed on the quality of advice provided to consumer debtors by all DRF members.

Our guarantee

We offer all of our customers a money back guarantee if we are unsuccessful in reducing your debt. Call us today to find out more.

I have just had a settlement figure agreed on a debt of 11k for just a third of that amount. Talk about being chuffed to bits. Thanks very much to the settlement team – superb job guys!

Faith Boyd
4.9/5 from 103 reviews

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Things you need to know

About our fees

Our trained Advisors will offer you the highest standard of service and care. We will always off you the best advice based on your circumstances.
We charge a set-up fee which is dependent on the solution recommended to you. We will always discuss all of the debt options available to you. A full breakdown of our fees can be found HERE.

Free and impartial debt advice

You can get debt advice for free from Money Advice Service – CLICK HERE for more information about their services.


Any Debt Solution will impact your ability to obtain further creditor for a period of up to 6 years. If you do not keep up payments on secured loans, HP agreements or your mortgage you may be at risk of repossession of goods or your home.

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Struggling to stay afloat?

Free debt guide

This is available to everyone for free! simply contact us and we will send it out to you. Remember we offer a free, no-obligation advisory service so if you would benefit from discussing your situation and seeing how we can help settle your debt, give us a call today.

* 54% does not include the initial administration fee for setting up your plan which is equivalent to 50% of your monthly payment for 6 months or £300, whichever is greater. We charge £142 per year for costs associated with account maintenance, external audit of the ‘Client Account’ Royal Mail charges and bank charges in making monthly payments to your creditors. The term 'average customer' refers to the median rate of our success figures. Or: the 'average' saving amount that our clients can save on each debt settled. The 54% per cent used throughout our website refers to the percent saving that our clients have made on their overall total debt, depending on individual circumstances. These are guidelines only. Our average clients who commit to their payment schedule, can be debt free in 48 months* however, this does not include any non-declared debts at the time of setting up a debt settlement plan or other debt solution. In addition, outcomes cannot be guaranteed as individual circumstances vary. However, we offer a full refund on fees if we do not make a settlement that saves you money after 18 months. Please note the benefits and features are only applicable, if you maintain the agreed benefits of your contract. ‘Short Settled or Partial Settlement’ may remain on credit reference agency files for up to 6 years until related reports are deleted and may affect your ability to obtain credit. Debt Settlement is not suitable in all cases. If other debt solutions may be better suited to your personal circumstances our advisors will always give advice in your best interests.